Looking for Trimmer Line?

Technology Has Moved On

Now your job can be Less Tiring, and Faster for LESS COST simply by replacing your old String Trimmer head for a new Aerodynamic bladed turbo head kit

If a job has been done the same way for many years there is a good chance that there is a better way of doing it by now. Given the expensive,  destructive and toxic ways of string trimmer line usage, few jobs would benefit better from a revolutionary new way of operation more than this one has from the invention of the Hover Trimmer.

 Although it’s referred to here as a Line Trimmer or String Trimmer these tools are known by many different names. So if you have a Weedwacker, Weedeater, Brush Cutter or Cord Trimmer they are all the same type of tool.

So What is a Hover Trimmer?

It is a highly cost effective replacement head kit for all straight shafted gas/petrol driven line trimmer tools. It comes in two versions. Which you need depends on the power size of your engine; above or below 30cc.

The Hover Trimmer HT001 Professional size with a QX-400 Stainless Steel Propeller Shaped Quad Cutting Blade measuring 40cm in diameter is suitable for String line trimmer engines 30cc or above.

The Hover Trimmer HT002 Standard size with a QX340 Stainless Steel Propeller Shaped Quad Cutting Blade measuring 34cm in diameter is suitable for String line trimmer engines 30cc or below.

And How Does it work Differently?

Instead of an unguarded piece of toxic nylon whipping round at 200mph, breaking at every opportunity and throwing cuttings and debris everywhere, the Hover Trimmer has well guarded steel blades that suck everything in and completely shreds the cuttings.

I know there are blades available for most trimmer heads for certain tasks. However, the Hover Trimmer is far more than just a ‘line to blade’ change. The gearing in the head enables the blade to turn far faster than the conventional trimmer head. With the blades being aerodynamically designed it gives ‘lift’ to the head so it floats on a cushion of air. So instead of all the weight of the head, shaft and engine pulling downwards, and having to be supported by the operator, it supports itself with the operator merely balancing and guiding it.


http://trimmerline.org/hovertrimmer   (affiliate link)




Both Hover Trimmer Kits are suited for straight shaft string trimmer line machines only. No special fitting tools needed, as the Hover Trimmer string trimmer line replacement kit is supplied with a spanner and sharpening file for the purpose of blade maintenance.